Beard Laws are something everyone should know. Whether you have a beard or don’t the laws need to be remembered. Let’s be honest not everyone can remember them all so this is home of the Official Beard Laws list.
Why did this site even come about? Well I did it to have fun but more importantly to raise money for a great cause. I am looking to raise enough money to replace the TV’s at the local Cancer Center in my hometown. I have had family members personally sit at this facility for several hours and it’s tough to pass the time on these older TV’s. Who wants to watch Price Is Rights on a small TV that shuts off every so many minutes?
I have tried a couple of different avenues to get them replaced and failed. I don’t like to fail.  I thought how can I donate the money myself. Well turns out I am not made of money so this site will hopefully help us reach our goal.
If you are looking to help the cause you can purchase our merchandise in the shop. We have something for everyone. Men, women, and children.
If you don’t want to buy any merchadise you can donate directly to the cause by visiting https://www.paypal.me/beardlaws
When you get your Official Beard Laws merchandise submit a picture to matt@beardlaws.com and I will feature it in our gallery!
If you have something you think you would like to see on the site please contact me. Without you guys this site would be nothing.
Not only do I thank you but anyone that will get to enjoy the benefits of the new TV’s thanks you as well!
Beard on!

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Here is a gallery of our amazing supporters. If you want to be featured email you wearing your Official Beard Laws merch to matt@beardlaws.com