Beard Tips

First thing you should do is throw away your razors. You won’t need them anymore. Well maybe for touch up but you know what I mean. Keep in mind that having patience is key to growing a great beard. The other key is products. Yes I said it it’s products. I was not a huge believer until I received recommendations from my beard coach. I am here to tell you it’s a game changer. Is it as easy as just using what I use or someone else uses? No, no it’s not. No need to worry here is some information to either start a great beard or take what you have and turn it into a legendary beard.

First let’s talk about beard growth. It seems to be what many people want to ask. “Dude your beard is so long and awesome how can I get mine there” Well unless you have great genetics or your father was Bigfoot here are some tips to get the beard longer. (IT does not work for other man parts)  As I mentioned be patient. I tell people starting fresh to not touch their beard for 2 or 3 months. Just let it grow. It is going to look terrible not great but you are letting your hair grow evenly and then you can pick a style. Once you go from untouched and unmanned to trimmed it is worth the wait. You also need to match your beard to your face. Birchbox has a great handy chart to check out. I would recommend learning how to properly trim the beard or spend the money to have a professional do it. Once it gets going trimming and training your hair is important.  Beard oil is your friend to growing it and growing it well. Don’t let me mislead you earlier about growing it faster because nothing can really just make your beard start to grow faster and longer. Beard oils that contain unrefined jojoba and pure, yes pure argan oil can help. It helps by creating conditions for healthy growth which means less breakage in your beard so it will appear thicker and longer. Nobody wants to see a thin straggly beard. Having the skin underneath your beard moisturized is key. Why? Well if you remove the dead skin it helps facial hair grow. It will work with the hair pores and enhance your whiskers elasticity and stimulate that growth! Also getting an oil that contains antioxidants and vitamin E will strengthen the beard and repair the damage done to your face.  (Source)

Now that we mentioned oils lets get into it a little more. As mentioned not every oil works for everyone. You might try a couple before you find one that works well with your skin and your hair. Again highly recommend using oils that contain jojoba or argan listed as the first mostly used ingredient. Here are the top rated beard oils of 2019 according to Top rated best oil is Bossman Beard Oil Kit. It’s around $29 on Amazon.  This includes the Oil, a conditioner as well as beard balm. Using all your products from one vendor is a great idea as they are designed to work together. If you want more information on the top rated products check it out on Amazon. (See link above) Coming in at number 2 is Viveiro Beard Oil & Conditioner. It’s currently sold out on Amazon, I guess it’s that good. This is fragrance free so for guys that don’t want it to smell too good this looks like a great option. Third option is Jojoba Oil. Smaller bottle but pure and organic. Amazon has it around $14.  It isn’t going to give it an overwhelming fragrance like some of the other products but it’s great for your skin and facial hair. Personally I use (Well at the time i am writing this but with so many options I might switch it up) the 12th ranked oil. Honest Amish oil. On Amazon it’s around $12. They have a great beard balm that pairs well with this oil. I like that it’s 100% organic personally and that it’s made in the USA. It really does soften the beard and conditions in harsh weather. Check out the rest of the list with their pros and cons here.

How often do I oil? Oil everyday. It’s best to apply it more than once per day and you will get a better feel of what your beard will need. The basic rule of thumb is to apply beard oil at least twice a day. After your morning shower, apply beard oil to your face. When you get home, after you wash your face before bed, you should apply beard oil. The caveat being, if you’re very active during the day and sweat a lot during your workouts, you’ll want to apply beard oil after you shower, after your workout.

You may also decide to use beard oil more often than three times a day:

  • If you want to promote hair growth, a clean face and the regular use of beard oil will help your body grow more hair.
  • During hotter summer months, beard oil can act like a sun screen for your hair so it doesn’t dry out, crack and eventually break.
  • Before you go swimming. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but chlorine found in pools and water parks can really dry out and damage your beard. Apply beard oil before you come into contact with chlorine.
  • Besides potentially harming the proteins in your beard hair, the essential oils in premium beard oils are very susceptible to heat and their effectiveness can degrade if heated. Store your beard oils at room temperature and you should be good to go. (source)

Sorry got a little carried away there with  the oil talk. Did I lose you yet? If not congrats you really want to know how to grow a magnificent beard. Shampoos and conditioners are key.  Use a good name brand well reviewed shampoo and conditioner. Don’t cut corners on a cheaper product you will regret it. Most people want to know how often to wash. I personally wash every other day. If you are unsure start with 2-3 a week. That way you don’t get irritation from over-application. If you have a naturally oily skin and your beard is longer you can go 3-4 times a week. Adjust according to how it looks. You will notice a difference after a couple weeks. I personally use Viking Revolution’s products. Amazon has it from 5 OZ to 17 OZ.  I am not saying it’s the best out there for everyone but it works well for me. Check out this link by about their best beard wash of 2019.

If you have tried all this and still have a couple issues keep reading. Let’s discuss how to make your beard softer. (Assuming you are still paying attention and reading this) Avoid using baby oil, olive oil or any other non shaving oils to condition your beard. They will make it look greasy. If it’s meant for a baby or the kitchen don’t use it on your beard. Come on! The real key is as we mentioned shampoo and condition a couple times a week, beard oil and or butter or balm daily, keep trimmed, and comb or brush to remove those loose hairs. If you need a comb or a brush no need to fear check out our store and get yours today! (Assuming we haven’t sold out yet)

There is a lot of information going on here. I want to thank my beard coach “Sally” for contributing not only to this article but my knowledge for beards. There is a lot to process here but if you have any questions feel free to hit me up on TikTok or Instagram and I will make sure to assist anyway I can. If you are looking to hire my personal beard coach let me know I can set you up and get a quote.

Hopefully this helped my bearded brothers. As always Beard On!