The Best Beard Oils

You can Google the best beard oils and see many websites that write reviews based on who pays them to be put in the article. It’s misleading and frustrating to many.

Beard Laws have decided to rank the best beard oils in one easy location. This is based strictly on my personal preference. Beard Laws have been fortunate enough to try several beard oils throughout his bearding experience but there is only one company that truly has made my beard better.

Copper Johns Beard Company has the best beard oils on the market. Copper Johns Beard Company has the best beard oils on the planet! I’d say the universe but the universe is pretty big and MAYBE just maybe there is someone that can compare.

I personally love the fact that Copper Johns Beard Company beard oils and beard butter use something that nobody else in the beard game is using. Ionic sea minerals. There is something about them that has really made my beard flourish. Let me rank my favorite Copper Johns Beard Company beard oils for you that would make them in my opinion the best beard oils.

Coming in at number 5 is Skipper from the Gray Beard Oil collection. You can click the link here to check it out. Skipper almost reminds me of the smell of Mt. Dew. which is weird that I like it so much seeing as I don’t drink soda. Here is the description of Skipper and some of the reasons it’s one of the best beard oils.

It was hard getting up this morning. Bones are achy, muscles are sore, and it is time for work. While walking out the air hits your beard just right to get a hint of something special. What is that? It’s crisp, clean, vibrant, and refreshing. Today is going to be a good day after all.

Introducing Skipper

Scent Profile: Lemon-Lime with a twist

Alright, let’s move on to number 4. I really think that Salt City is one of the best beard oils out there.

Inspired by the Utah Salt Flats and made for Harley Davidson of Salt Lake City

Intermountain Harley Davidson covers 4 locations around Salt Lake City, which is the booming capital of Utah and its largest populated County. Alongside Salt Lake, their other locations in Sandy, Riverdale, and Logan have been the state’s premier dealers since 1982. Their stores offer sales and service with large storefronts carrying all kinds of unique products, which includes our custom-created line of Intermountain Harley Davidson grooming products.

Introducing Salt City

Scent Profile: Aquatic, Woodsy Cologne

Let’s move on to the top 3 and the bronze medalist for the best beard oils from Copper Johns Beard Company. I love the 801 scent profile also in the gray beard collection.

801 is not only a number, it’s the feeling you get flying down the highway on two wheels. It’s that adrenaline rush after throttling down, and it’s the area code that covers Intermountain Harley Davidson.

 Introducing 801

Scent Profile: Fresh Cut Grass and Lime

Copper Johns Beard Company has worked tirelessly to create a specially formulated oil that will increase softness, control, and sheen. Allowing your beard to look and feel thicker, healthier, and fuller.

Alright, the silver medalist in the best beard oils by Beard Laws is The Hunt.

You’re shaking. You’ve been practicing all year for this moment. Now is the time to take the shot. The air changes direction. No worries.

Introducing The Hunt

Scent: Unscented

You might be thinking what? Unscented beard oil is his number 2? What is Beard Laws thinking? Well, personally I love using unscented beard oil and pairing it with any scent of butter. I don’t always want to wear the same scent every day and I don’t always want to buy the matching scent of butter and beard oil. Bearding life hack gets yourself the best beard oil unscented and then just pair it with whatever beard butter you want and you are going to thank me later.

The best beard oil in Beard Laws opinion right now is Ghost Falls from Copper Johns Beard Company. Unfortunately for you it’s the scent of the month and will only be around the month of October. So you might want to get it before it’s gone. Stock up on it too!

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Close to Ghost Falls is an eerie haunted hiking trail where a number of climbers have died and murders have taken place, many believe this is why the place is said to be haunted. Witnesses have claimed to see the apparition of a man in the 1970s or 1980s clothing standing on a rock peak, then quickly running down the mountain. People have claimed an eerie feeling follows them even after they’ve left the area.

Ghost Falls Trail’s name may be scary, but in reality, these falls were named for their ability to disappear in certain seasons based on the snowpack above.

Scent – Apple Cider, Fresh Sage, and Juniper Berry

Copper Johns Beard Company is doing everything right and I love the fact that it’s a small handcraft company with an amazing owner.

Check them out at use code BEARDLAWS to save some money on your next order.

The best beard oils by Beard Laws are now out and official like a referee with a whistle. You can thank me later.